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Island Brač

An area with a distinctive Mediterranean climate, a mild, mostly moist winterand dry, hot and sunny summer, the warmest part of the Mediterranean northern coast. Brač is the highest and third largest island in the Adriatic. From ancient times people here used to live in and from the stone. The stone carvers were called “artisti”. Known sculptors lived here or used this stone for their works such as: Juraj Dalmatinac, Andrija Alesi, Nikola Firentinac… Island Brač, Croatia - Bol, Golden cape beachIsland Brac Croatia, SumartinThe white stone of Brac has been used in many famous buildings, including the White House in Washington, DC. In its heart Brac hides such pearls of cultural inheritance as the Glagolitic stone “pustinja Blaca” which is the most special architectural monument on the island, the Dragon Cave, Skrip the oldest place in the island and many other.Island Brač, Croatia - Pustinja BlacaIsland Brač, Croatia - Dragon cave